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On this edition of The Intelligence Hour, Kevin Shipp interviews Martin Kaiser, author of Help Yourself, a Story of FBI corruption.  Mr. Kaiser, who was the technical advisor for the, "bugs" used in the movie, "Enemy of the State," was known as the foremost expert in federal government eavesdropping devices.  He discusses his fascinating story of the FBI attempting to coerce him into lying to the Congressional intelligence committee, and when he refused, attempting to entrap him with false charges. Martin Kaiser's story reads like a modern day spy novel, and is yet another example of the government 's attempt to silence whistleblowers.

Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with guest Dr David Archer on the topic of Global Warming.

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks with Peter Ward, author of "Flooded Earth" on the topic of Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Accord

Host Dr. Michio Kaku speaks on the topic of Fusion Power with guest Dr. Charles Seife 

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